This Cat Is Very Aggressive, But All It Needs Is Attention And Love!

He’s pretty shy and he had a lot of fear in his eyes, he’s feral and aggressive, and looks like he’s never lived in a house before!
He was just “meowing” and like crazy loud “meow”!



I decided to put him in the cage and brought him home, also I brought the crates

After a while he seemed to calm down, I gave him some cat food, and I try to pet him but looks like he doesn’t trust me! But actually, I was able to give him that first pet and… so into it! He doesn’t have a front leg and I thought it was a hard life to live!

After I got his trust, he wasn’t aggressive at all, like he just need someone to believe in him, I bathed him because his body was pretty dirty.

Then after the bath, I warmed him with a blanket and dry him with a dryer. Well, it took a lot of time and patience to make him feel comfortable. After a couple of days of playing with him, I’m sure he was safe with me!



He doesn’t like toys and doesn’t want to do anything, just lays down to get pets and cuddle.
He will live with other cats in my house, they become a friend now.


The first time they cuddle each other, I see huge leaps have improved every week, he’s so fun and full of surprises. He brings joy into every room he’s in.
For me, he’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever met, he had so much love to give us.
All he wants from us is love every day!

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