This Dog Has Cleaned Trash From A River In China For 10 Years

For the past ten years, this dog has stolen about 30 bottles every day from the river. In China’s Jiangsu province, he has gained local notoriety as a result of his activities.



China is one of the world’s top manufacturers of ocean plastic garbage, along with Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, according to a 2016 research. This dog picks up rubbish from a river to demonstrate how everyone of us can help protect the environment.


The five Asian nations collectively are responsible for up to 60% of the plastic debris that ends up in the world’s oceans. This figure is frightening, yet this puppy serves as a reminder that every little amount counts.

Similar to how many humans care about the environment and take action to protect it by recycling, conserving water, and collecting trash, this dog has discovered a method to do so.



After retrieving the plastic bottles, he takes them to a recycling bin.

The dog that has earned the title of environmental guardian is a Golden Retriever that resides in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in east China. Over the past ten years, the dog has cleaned up a nearby river by eliminating more than 2,000 plastic bottles from the water.



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