This Dog Underwent An Impressive Transformation After Being Abandoned For Years

This dog, who was reportedly abandoned by his owner years ago, was living at a shelter in Tokyo when he underwent an astonishing change with the help of a group of dog grooming volunteers.



When the volunteers arrived at the shelter, they were horrified to discover this poor dog covered in thick filth, with hair so matted that it had started to develop dreadlocks all over his body, and with no way to tell which side of his face was which. He found it difficult to imagine that the unkempt exterior concealed a stunning Poodle.


It is sad to think that a person is capable of neglecting his dog in such a way, abandoning him, and that he has to pay for his irresponsibility, so the shelter managers decided to name the dog Ginta, which in Japanese means “silver child.” The dog was feeling really bad, and the name made him feel even worse.


Fortunately, these compassionate individuals were moved by young Ginta’s predicament and did not think twice to assist him.


Although Ginta had been in a trying circumstance of abandonment, he first acted with tremendous shyness and dread in front of the volunteers. However, with time, he started to approach them with interest.


Once the dog’s trust was achieved, the volunteers began the transformation.

There was a lot of hair that needed to be chopped.


Ginta’s body was covered in filth, which made the process difficult and time-consuming.

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