This Dog’s Family Induced A Pregnancy, She Was Paralyzed And Then They Abandoned Her

Pets are typically considered like additional family members when they move into a home, but that is not the case with Mara. They found it easy to get rid of her regardless of her condition or the time she spent by their side showing them love. This pregnant dog was paralyzed, she could not move her hind legs, and she was abandoned by her humans when they learned they would have to perform a cesarean section at a cost of $3000.



The worst part of this tale is that Mara was forced to become pregnant by the same people who crossed her with another family dog. However, thanks to the Friends of Emma animal protection group in Texas, United States, Mara and her puppies were able to escape.

After everything that occurred, the Dachshund dog developed anemia as a result of fleas and had significant mental distress. As a result, the association’s staff decided to shower her with plenty of affection in an effort to mend her broken heart.


The dog gave birth to seven adorable puppies, all of whom were born healthy. Mara started a physical therapy regimen to treat her disability.



The good news is that she and her children were adopted into loving families where they are now enjoying the love and security they so richly deserve.


Pregnant dog was paralyzed and her humans abandoned her


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