This rescue Cat has a crooked jaw but that doesn’t stop her from smiling

Duchess, a Siamese cat who had a rough beginning to her life. She was found as a stray with a broken jaw due to being hit by a car.



Thankfully, rescuers brought her to the Adobe Animal Hospital and Clinic in Texas, where she got the treatment and medical care that she so desperately needed.

The hospital staffs didn’t give up on her and repaired her jaw.


Although Duchess had undergone the successful surgery, she would never be able to eat properly again, as her jaw had been shatered and she only had a few teeth left. She kept staying at the clinic for a month to recover after the surgery. She had to eat through a feeding tube and take a number of different medications.



Duchess now has a new family at Crystal’s home. She loves having a family and spends her days playing with them as much as she can.

It’s wonderful that Duchess finally found a forever home after everything she’s been through.
She’s been getting stronger every day because she knows she has a loving family.


Thank you for giving her a warm and wonderful loving home and taking such good care of her!


Much happiness to all of you and God Bless!

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