Tiny Wounded Puppy Hears Woman’s Voice, Goes Into Yard & Begs Her For Help

Hearing a tiny puppy squeaking as it looks for help is sure to pull on all of our heartstrings. For one little guy, it was the pained squeaking that saved him and his sibling’s lives.

While out in the backyard, one woman heard the saddest little squeaks.



As it turns out, a tiny puppy had heard human voices and was stumbling around trying to find them. It was obviously a stray and was in some of the worst conditions imaginable. As the woman saw the little creature waddling up, she decided to record what was happening on her phone.


The puppy obviously needed medical and was searching for someone who could help him out.

Just from looking at him, you could see he was only a few weeks old. There weren’t any other humans in sight, and no mama dog could be seen in the area. It was up to this woman to help the little guy.



There was a massive open wound on his back that needed attention immediately.

You could see just how bad of condition he was in. Covered in hundreds of fleas and shaking, he could barely eat the formula he was given. After a little food, they painstakingly removed dozens of maggots that were literally eating him alive from the open wound.


After removing the maggots, they wrapped him in some bandages.


The little bandages looked like a sweater and made him look absolutely adorable. After getting bandaged up, they were able to go out and find the remaining puppies! Collecting them one by one, they brought them back to their home to help them like they did the others.

The mother was nowhere to be found.



Without a mother nearby, something either happened to her, or they were abandoned by a human who simply didn’t want them. It’s a terrible reality, but it happens all the time. The little ones were now thankfully with someone who cared about them enough to help them get better.

Although they were out of the weeds, the entire litter needed time to heal and recoup.


Day after day, the pups were fed and treated like they need. Soon, they learned to trust the humans they were living with and turned out to be the BEST cuddlers! Even the pup with the big wound on his back was healing well. His back now was just a bit discolored and had a little pucker that would eventually turn into a scar.


The rescuers are fostering the litter until they can find them permanent homes!


The ideal situation for pups like this is to find them a permanent and loving home. In the meantime, they are getting TONS of love and affection from their foster home rescuers. With how cute they are, there is no way people wouldn’t want to take some of these little ones home. You just can’t resist when little pups like this grow attached to you!

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