To assist the firefighters, the dog who fell down the well devised his own rescue.

Accidents happen at the least expected moments and this is well known to the puppy in this story, whom the firefighters had to help in an attempt to save him. The film is about a man who accidentally gets involved in a situation that costs his life, but luckily his great cunning and the attention of the firefighters escape. without any fuss, writes fancy4work



This creature was exploring in the yard of a house when it fell into a hole more than 5 meters deep.

After his desperate barking, the puppy managed to capture the attention of the family who immediately decided to call the specialists in this type of situation: the firefighters.

In a matter of a short time, the firefighters arrived at the scene and analyzed the situation, as the puppy looked quite desperate, they did not know what his reaction would be when the firefighter entered the narrow place.


In a case like that the stress could cause the creature to attack the rescuer, so the men decided to try something without requiring any of the rescuers to get into the well.


The event occurred in a neighborhood of the city of Goiás, on the outskirts of the Federal District, and it was the Formosa Fire Department who came to the rescue.

These men are experts in handling this type of situation because it was not the first time they attended an emergency of this type, but what surprised them the most was the animal’s reaction when it saw the rope.


Despite the ideas that the rescuers had of the animal, the puppy that was identified by the people as Ferrugem was quite clear about what was happening and understood that those people only wanted to help him.


For this reason, when the firefighters threw the rope as a decoy to be able to climb it, the dog did not bite it as they expected, but instead did something much better and smarter.

This puppy showed everyone that they are also capable of solving dangerous situations like this, because as soon as he saw the rope, the dog began to interact with it.


While this was happening, the firefighters and neighbors who were waiting outside the well only prayed that Ferrugem would bite the bait and thus raise it, but the puppy was smarter and instead decided to wrap it around his body as a harness.


This incredible rescue surprised the firefighters as the puppy turned out to be smarter than they thought.

As soon as he had the rope attached to his body, the men began to pull for the little dog to rise to the surface.


This rescue went viral after the Fire Department uploaded a video on their official accounts.

Without a doubt, this mestizo was the true hero of history, although the work done by these men is recognized. The community that has seen the video does not stop flattering the mestizo for his suspicion to get out of the problem.


Sometimes many animals with feathers die inside these wells, either because they don’t get help or can’t find a way out. Fortunately, this story is completely different and the mestizo did not suffer any kind of injury, other than a great scare. We greatly appreciate all those involved in the rescue, who are the people the world needs.

Accidents happen but the most important thing is to get out of them unharmed and this puppy really knows how to do it. Bless you, Ferrugem. Surely life has a better destiny for you.


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