Trucker Bursts into Tears After Being Reunited with His Travel Buddy-Cat After Five Months

A truck driver broke into tears when he was finally reunited with his beloved cat after five months of searching.

Matthew and his cat Ashes, have been on the road together as they travel around the country in Matthew’s 18 wheeler ever since their paths crossed.


This delightful three year old kitty shares an incredible bond with his human.


Unfortunately, Ashes managed to accidentally slip out of the truck a few months ago as they were passing through Ohio.

He was scared by something and ran off into the bushes. Matthew had rearranged his route several times in the hope of finding his beloved cat, however, Ashes was nowhere to be seen.



Recently, a motorist, Kimberley, was traveling from the West Coast to Rochester in New York when she made a pit stop at Love’s Travel Stop in Ohio.

When she was getting back into her car she spotted a thin gray cat emerging from the bush.


He appeared cold and starving and after asking around to see if he belonged to anyone, Kimberley put him in her car. She finished her journey and took him to Lollypop Farm, she knew that someone there would be able to help.



Fortunately, Ashes had been microchipped so Matthew would soon be united with his beloved kitty. Matthew managed to rearrange his schedule and headed off to New York.

While he was waiting for his human Ashes was given the medical attention he needed and started to regain some of the weight he’d lost.



Matthew was so relieved to be reunited with Ashes that he broke down in floods of tears. Ashes leaped gracefully from Matthew’s arms and into the truck, heading right back into his favorite place to sit.


The people at Lollypop Farm couldn’t be happier to see this adventurous cat get reunited with his owner and be back on the right track. And so are we!

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