Two Baby Elephants Play Happily In Their New Paddling Pool, Let’s See Their Excitement!

After outgrowing their previous inflatable pool, the young elephants, which weigh 1,100 and 600 pounds, respectively, have been given a larger 120-inch family-size pool to play in.



Tupelo, a five-month-old baby, and Baylor, a ten-month-old baby, have been relocated by the zoo personnel to the larger pool since Texas is expected to have warmer weather and they need a place to cool off. Tupelo can be seen leaning on the blue and wʜɪᴛe pool while the two elephants are having fun there in a video that zoo personnel posted. Tupelo then sarcastically jumps in.


Mandy Rinker, an elephant caregiver at the Houston Zoo, has observed that the brief inflatable ponds never last longer than five minutes. When the weather permits, the infants are provided the fun enrichment activity of swimming in the pool.

The infants now have access to a family-sized pool that is 120 inches long and can accommodate both calves. It frequently needs to be replaced every five uses, despite the fact that it is substantially more resilient.


Although they were only 250 pounds when they were born, they have grown quickly. The elephants eat a variety of things as they develop, with Baylor reportedly liking carrots, sweet potatoes, and hay. Tupelo prefers chewing on hay and chopped food, according to the zookeepers. She is also learning to use her trunk as a fork.


According to Daryl Hoffman, curator of large mammals at the Houston Zoo, these two bulls get along fantastically. Elephants that are young should be brought together so they may play, ғɪɢʜᴛ, and burn off some energy.

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