Two Starving Kittens Were Rescued From A Packed Tin By A Kind Man

All cats, especially those that have been abandoned, deserve to know what it’s like to be loved and cared for. These two kittens are in bad condition.

They were crammed into a little tin since they were so small. It appeared as if they would be locked in that location for the rest of their lives, waiting for their lives to pass them by. Fortunately, they were identified and saved by a guy.



Two beautiful cats, one yellow and the other grey, are trapped in a little tin. They appeared to be in bad shape when the man found them. Their bodies could barely move save for their heads, which protruded from the box.

The man tried to free them by breaking the plastic box. It wasn’t easy, though, because the box was thick and strong. Finally, using a handsaw, he was able to free the kittens from their cramped quarters.


The kittens also were dirty and smelled bad, showing that they had been packed within that container for quite some time. With numerous eye drops, the guy assisted them in opening their eyes and seeing. Our tiny kitties required some time to adjust to their new surroundings after being taken out of the box. They were confused and scared.


Because the guy believed they were hungry, he served them some fish. The young cats had been abandoned in the box for a long time and were hungry. They ate the food without hesitation.

We’re not sure how they manage to stay alive when trapped in the container and unable to move to obtain food. However, they must have endured a great deal of suffering and tragedy. And whomever abandoned them could not have deserved a nice life since he was so harsh to those two lovely little kitties.


They won’t have to worry about hunger or danger any longer. They will be secure and well looked after by the man who rescued them. We are certain that he has a kind heart and will treat children with respect. Hopefully, the kittens will find permanent homes soon, where they will receive the finest care and love they deserve.


Every one of us should follow in the footsteps of the man in this moving story. Keep in mind that one small action on our part may make a huge difference in an animal’s life. Let’s spread the word so that more animals can be saved!

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