Unwanted Horses Left To Die In Brutal Breeding World, A Kind Woman Rescues Them

The racehorse breeding industry is competitive to the core. Breeders get mares to birth as many foals as possible, but their only goal is to acquire the valuable milk from the nursing mothers for raising competent thoroughbreds for races.



As the unwanted foals are dumped and left to die, Victoria Goss, founder of Last Chance Corral, comes to their rescue. She supports these newborns and helps them survive without their mother. With her dedicated efforts, she has clocked in a far lower mortality rate of young foals than the industry average.

Victoria has been sheltering horses since she was 12. Her heart bleeds for these abandoned foals, but financial restrictions hold her back from having a competitive staff around. She uses the help of volunteers, when available, but mostly sustains the sanctuary on her own.


Sadly, the help available to these foals is completely disproportional to the huge amount of horses being bred and dumped. She has to turn away many foals every day due to her limited resources, and that just breaks her heart. Victoria’s selfless mission has tugged at our hearts. If you wish to donate to the mission or adopt a horse, you can visit Last Chance Corral’s Facebook page.


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