Very Sick Little Pig Left In A Shelter Has Made An Amazing Recovery

A guy claimed to have discovered the sickly young pig missing when he brought it to a shelter near Temecula, California, but the staff believe that it was his property that he just intended to discard.

She had to ask Sale Ranch Sanctuary staff to take care of the pig, subsequently given the name “Cherry Blossom,” because the shelter was not set up to care for one.



“The shelter staff think that the rancher was the one who actually brought her in. She was ill, but that didn’t matter to him. He just left her and claimed to have found her. Sarcoptic mange, one of the most severe forms of mange, was really awful for her.

While the actual reason of Cherry Blossom’s mange is unknown, Jen has a suspicion that it was brought on by the sadness she endured in her previous residence.


Jen stated:


She most likely was born in a small space. Her immune system is still maturing because she is a newborn.

Cherry Blossom had a great deal of pain because to scabies.


Jen stated:


“She was in terrible agony when she came to us. She was really unhappy and uncomfortable, as you could tell.

The young pig was always quite friendly with Jen and her husband, despite these appalling circumstances.

Jen stated:



He requested consolation from us. She instantly realized that we were trying to assist her when I walked over to apply the medication. She would cuddle up and ask for us to stroke her tummy even though she was in a lot of discomfort. It only serves as evidence of how admirable and kind animals are.

Jen started Cherry Blossom’s treatment, which included laser light therapy and healing cream massages, with the assistance of a veterinarian.

Very Sick Left-Behind Pig Has Amazingly Recovered
Cherry Blossom looks entirely different and seems to feel different after receiving meticulous care after two months.

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