Vet Tells Woman To Give Up On Her Paralyzed Rabbit But She Says ‘No’

Bertha the rabbit lost her ability to walk after he hips collapsed this past May. Melanie James was told by her vets to put Bertha down, but not wanting to give up on her pet, James decided to try something she had seen work for dogs before.



The devoted pet owner created a specially-designed wheelchair to give her a new lease on life.


James, who adopted Bertha as a baby four years ago, said: “When the vet said the nicest thing to do would be to put her down, she still had so much life. “I’ve actually seen dogs in wheelchairs and I thought ‘if it works for a dog, then why not a rabbit?’”

Bertha has adapted well to the device and rolls through the garden and home. James is hopeful that Bertha’s condition is improving. “Hopefully, within the not-too-distant future, she will regain mobility herself,” James said. “The vet and myself can’t believe how well the chair’s actually working.”



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