Waira, The Dog That Rescued Two Rabbits From An Avalanche In Colombia

A devastating avalanche struck Mocoa, the city of Putumayo in Colombia, on March 31 as a result of the Mocoa, Mulato, and Sangoyaco rivers overflowing as a result of the recent severe rainfall. A 12-year-old black Labrador retriever named Waira Shabima (Wind and Drizzle in the Inga language) resided in the home with the Quinchoa family (indigenous Inga, from Mocoa, Putumayo). Two bunnies were rescued by this brave dog from the devastating avalanche.



Mud, pebbles, and other debris had completely enveloped several of the city’s neighborhoods. The study, which Legal Medicine has corroborated, states that there are 329 dead and 70 still missing.

Only the front of the façade and several stones from our house were left.


Daily, Waira would rush about the family’s bunnies despite the fact that they appeared to constantly “fight.” This dog had a tremendous affection for the family’s other furry members.



The avalanche quickly swept Elena’s mother’s home when it moved through the area. While they saw the water sweep away her house, the lady was able to escape with the other individuals that were present.

The Quinchoa family was left in the dark about Waira and the bunnies being pulled by the river since they never heard from them again.


Nicola said:


We thought that it would dawn the morning following the avalanche without any chance that our dogs would survive. Our three bunnies, Ginger, Nucita, and Lily, as well as Waira, a 12-year-old Labrador dog, sprang to mind.

Elena claims that the animals had little hope of surviving because the water had already flooded the garden when they emerged.

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