Who could cruelly leave this poor cat on the street? Watch us bring him back to life.

When we driving back home in the afternoon, we saw a kitten sitting and crying near a trash can, he looked so sad and he was crying for help.!

When we approach, he even didn’t budge, he is sick I think!



His eyes are infected. He always “meows” when I pick him up in hand, he needed help!

We’re immediately going to the vet clinic for a check-up. He’s shaking and his eyes are hurting!


When we arrived at the vet clinic, the vet does the general checking and told us that he was about nine months old, but he weights like a 4-month-old kitten.!


The vet used eyedrop and antibiotic injection for him.

We decided to leave him in the clinic until he got better.


This poor kitten has an appetite, which means that he copes with disease!


But 7 months later, he was covered with a miracle,

Look how much he had changed


He gains more weight and he loves to play with us. He turned out to be a playful kitten!


He begins a new life and his story impressed a wonderful man who decided to adopt him.


We are very happy because we were able to change the life of this kitten. He no longer has to live in the trash, now he had a warm bed with a new home.!

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