With Its New Fashion Trends, The Italian Greyhound Attracts Attention To There It Is Traveling

Tika the Iggy is an Italian greyhound dog who has turned into a canine fashion star. Tika frequently dresses in fake fur, winter jackets, rompers, and tracksuits to be warm and protected from the chilly Montreal environment in Canada; her stunning appearance is not just for show, but also for her well-being.



Her parents enjoy dressing Tika in very stylish and fashionable clothes, in addition to the need to protect her adorable canine companion from the cold weather. She is really gorgeous in every dress she wears, and she also has a great assortment of purses to go with her clothes.


Tika looks so amazing in her clothes that she’s caught the attention of fashion heavyweights like Vogue and some of the world’s most popular news publications. Tika is a professional model who makes money from her picture sessions.


Tika, on the other hand, isn’t in it for the money. Tika is a staunch defender of the LGTBQ community, and her presence in the media helps to promote and raise awareness about them.


This supermodel’s parents convince her that her diva demeanor is genuine. She thinks of herself as a princess.


Due to his age, he sleeps an average of 22 hours each day. Tika, who is nine and a half years old, is a fantastic senior modeling reference. She is the ultimate muse for any designer, according to her parents. Whatever clothing they put on her, she looks stunning.



Tika recently rose to prominence after one of her videos went popular on TikTok and Instagram, garnering millions of views on both platforms. In a short period of time, his social media followers grew, and he established himself as a dog fashion icon.


Tika poses in front of the camera as a true professional in the field, and she is even followed on social media by real Hollywood stars who have attempted to imitate her viral video, including Sofa Vergara, the protagonist of the television series “Modern Family,” and the wonderful actress Sharon Stone, among others.



Tika’s style is undeniably appealing; her collection of jackets and purses is incredible, and many people wish they had her elegance and wardrobe.


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