Woman Adopts 6 Dogs With Special Needs And Changes Their Lives

It is more difficult to find a home for a pet with special needs since they demand more care and attention; anyone adopts them must be aware of this. Tracey Fowler of Mendon, Vermont, was put to the test in the face of these challenges.

Tracey lost her beloved German shepherd Hayden a few years ago, and since then she has adopted dogs with special needs, of which she now has six, for a total of eight canines in her gang.



Tracey found them in various shelters and dubbed them ‘The Fowler Herd,’ and they now live a happy and joyful life with her.

When they go on rides, this crew knows how to have a good time.


Tracey explained to Bored Panda:


After a fight with progressive myelopathy, Hayden crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


The dog battled the condition for years, eventually requiring a wheelchair, but it never took away his spirit; he played and was joyful until his final days, according to Tracey.

There was no better way for Tracey to pay tribute to Hayden’s legacy than to continue to adopt additional dogs like him.


She makes the following observation:


“I presently have eight dogs, six of whom are special needs and two of which were German Shepherds before I adopted the others.”

These wonderful dogs not only enjoy Tracey’s affection, but they also look after each other and have fun together. In the winter, their favorite activity is going for walks around the property, and Tracey has converted her dogs’ wheelchairs into skis so that they may play outside.



Tracey feels that pets with restricted or differing talents are not for everyone, but she claims that caring for them is not tough.

She stated, ”

“If you’re terrified of feces and urine, a special needs pet might not be right for you. It’s no different than if they were walking if you’re OK with it.”



Tracey continued, ”

“Our purpose is to teach a pet owner that there is another alternative besides saying farewell to their ailing pet.”

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