Woman’s Ex-Partner Sends Her Dog Birthday Gifts Every Year

When they were still adolescents, Rebecca Hernandez and Frankie started dating. After Rebecca graduated from college and Frankie enlisted in the Navy, the pair moved away from Texas and was married in 2012. They briefly adopted Apollo, a cute puppy who the man gives a birthday gift to each year.



To BuzzFeed, Rebecca stated:

He had us under his control from the start. He was always breaking things we bought him and doing things he shouldn’t, but he is incredibly affectionate and pampered by everyone in his life.


The pair, however, quickly started to experience issues. They were both “guilty,” Rebecca said, adding that “they were animals who married extremely young” at the time.

Rebekah stated:



“Even though we’ve had a lot on our plates, we still get emotional when we chat to each other because we love each other so much.”

Despite being away from one another for two years, neither Rebecca nor Frankie has sought a divorce. Since they don’t share a residence, Rebecca has decided to look after Apolo.

She uttered:



“Apollo is occasionally visited by Frankie when he travels to see his family. He falls head over heels for him.”

The guy usually sends the dog a birthday gift, and in the most recent one, he included the following note at the bottom of the card:

“Go on there as if it were for me, but for her.”


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