Youngsters Jump Into The Mud To Save A Kangaroo Trapped Up To The Neck

Good individuals are those that not only serve others but also sacrifice their lives to save an endangered species. Many of them, like this pair of young lads, become heroes when the situation demands it.

When Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath came upon a kangaroo stranded in a deep puddle outside of Sydney, Australia, they didn’t hesitate to intervene.



Because the animal was unable to flee on its own, the two rescuers had to think quickly and do everything they could to save it.

This rescue took place , and the kangaroo was able to rapidly get out of peril owing to the prompt response of the lads, who were 19 at the time.

According to their account, Jack and Nick searched for a rope to use to grip the animal and pull it out of the muck. All of this occurred as the two were riding their motorbikes along the Nepean River in Agnes Banks.



They witnessed the tragic spectacle of this kangaroo battling with muck up to its neck at that same time.

“I first spotted the kangaroo while Nick and I were riding through the bush and I noticed this head coming out of the muck,” Jack said.

Meanwhile, Nick emphasized how critical it was for them to figure out what to do as soon as possible, because the animal’s life was on the line.



« Because the kangaroo’s life was crucial to us, we dragged it out by an arm and a leg. We believe he went there to collect water, but it was really muddy, so he became trapped », he explained.

« It’s a patriotic act, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’ll do it again if we see something similar in the future “Nick said.


They chose to call the animal Lucas after holding it safely in their arms. ← We’d just decided on a name. We loved it; it’s a nice piece of work “Nick said.


They ran home to retrieve the rope and try again after the initial rescue attempt failed to save the kangaroo.

According to Kerry Reynolds, Jack’s grandmother, Nick hooked the rope to his torso and went into the muck to bring the animal out with his own hands.

“Then my grandson, using the rope, hauled him in approximately 30 meters,” she explained.

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